SD-WAN using VMware SASE

SD WAN Vmware Australian provider


Bring your network together under a management single pane with VMware SD-WAN

SD WAN Secure Access VMware Australia

Secure Access

Provide a consistent remote work experience across sites with Secure Access

Cloud Web Security VM Ware Australian provider

Cloud Web Security

Protect your business with threat detection & response for traffic destined SAS & Web

Vm Ware Edge Network Intelligence australian provider next telecom

Edge Intelligence

Monitor application metrics, application data & more with Edge Network Intelligence

Simplify branch networking and dramatically reduce costs

Zero-touch deployments, simplified operations, one-click service insertion

Using VMware SD-WAN complex network deployments are a thing of the past. VMware SD-WAN delivers the ability to leverage technology and processes to transform your business and/or the user experience, that is critical for Cloud based businesses.

VMware SD-WAN now brings the benefits of Secure Access, Cloud Web Security along with its marketing lead Edge Network Intelligence.

VMWare SASE Australian vendor

Provide a consistent remote work experience with Secure Access

With VMWare Secure access, supporting remote staff working from home, on the road or the branch network is now super simple. VMware as a VPN replacement provides full network and workforce management under a single pane of glass.

VMware Australian provider next telecom with secure access

Cloud Web Security is covered

The VMware Cloud Web Security application covers 360 degree threat protection with real time updates against malware, ransomware, phishing and Day 0 and known threats.

VMWare Australian vendor next telecom Cloud web security

Edge Network Intelligence

SD-WAN enables application-based forwarding as well as Quality of Service assurance. This is important in today’s digital era where different cloud based applications have distinct requirements from the WAN. The ability of SD-WAN to centrally and seamlessly configure these considerations is key to deploying software-as-a-service applications.

Proactively collecting comprehensive application data analytics, metrics, experience and behaviour allows your team to baseline and detect anomalies before the cause a problem.

VMWare SD-WAN Australian vendors next telecom

Bandwidth Management & Bonding

Our SD-WAN allows you to bond multiple NBN, Fibre, 4/5G links together increasing the bandwidth and enhance redundancy during any buffering or outage issue. With same IP failover you get high internet availability and increased bandwidth out of the box. Bonded SD-WAN links manage traffic by the packet so you get the best result.

VMware Australian SD-WAN vendor Next telecom

An Edge Device for every requirement

The VMware range of edge devices cover every need. For Small and Medium branches through to Enterprise and DC there is a VMware edge device for every need.

VMWare Edge devices Australian supplier

Core Features of the VMware SD-WAN

There are seven core features that are central to the VMware SD-WAN platform.

VMWare SASE SD-WAN - Core Feature #1: Zero-Touch Deployment VMware SD-WAN Edge appliances automatically authenticate, connect, and receive configuration instructions once they are connected to the Internet in a zero-touch deployment. Deliver highly available deployment with VMware SD-WAN Edge redundancy protocol. Integrate with the existing network with support for OSPF routing protocol and benefit from dynamic learning and automation.

VMWare SASE SD-WAN - Core Feature #2: Dynamic Path Selection VMware SD-WAN Dynamic Multipath Optimization TM provides deep application recognition, automatic link monitoring, auto-detection of provider and auto-configuration of link characteristics, routing and QOS settings

VMWare SASE SD-WAN - Core Feature #3: Link Steering and Remediation On-demand, Per-packet link steering is performed automatically based on the measured performance metric, intelligent application learning, business priority of the application, and link cost. Delivers sub-second blackout and brownout protection to improve application availability. Remediates link degradation through forward error correction, activating jitter buffering and synthetic packet production.

VMWare SASE SD-WAN - Core Feature #4: Cloud VPN One-click site-to-site cloud VPN is a VPNC-compliant IPSec VPN to connect VMware SD-WAN and non-VMware SD-WAN sites while delivering real-time status and health of VPN sites. Establish dynamic edge-to-edge communication for all types of branches based on service level objectives and application performance. Deliver secure connectivity across all branches with PKI scalable key management. New branches join the VPN network automatically with access to all resources in other branches, enterprise data centres, and 3rd party data centres, like Amazon AWS.

VMWare SASE SD-WAN - Core Feature #5: Multi-Tenancy All the VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud components, Orchestrator and the Gateways, are multi-tenant in nature. This allows for complete separation in operations, and separation in lines of business for an organization leveraging SD-WAN

VMWare SASE SD-WAN - Core Feature #6: Segmentation Segmentation is essential for isolating different types of traffic while maintaining specific business policies, such as segmenting PCI traffic from corporate traffic and guest Internet traffic. Customers can enable the creation of separate and unique topologies and rules for each segment, and the segments are carried forward the entire network seamlessly.

VMWare SASE SD-WAN - Core Feature #7: Virtual Network Function Support virtual network function services to run on VMware SD-WAN Edge hardware, VMware SD-WAN Gateway, in the cloud of the service provider, or at the specific enterprise regional hub with service chaining support.

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Intelligent path control on SD-WAN

Your SD-WAN will dynamically load balance across multiple links to deliver high availability and flexible capacity - issues that cripple traditional Telco MPLS networks.

SD-WAN devices automatically route network packets along the most appropriate links to improve application performance. Demanding workloads like video traffic can be simply prioritised over internet browsing using the orchestration platform. Changing network performance – as a result of internal company dynamics, or external internet congestion or outages - can be quickly identified and managed around.

In traditional MPLS environments, virtually all traffic from remote sites traverse the MPLS network through a central data centre. This includes users connecting to the internet and cloud applications. Unnecessary ‘tromboning’ of data (traffic flows in to the data centre, out to the internet, then back in to the data centre and out to the user) creates additional latency and a poor user experience, often worse than one might experience working from home. SD-WAN overcomes this by automatically routing traffic directly through the most appropriate path and handling security closer to the edge.

Advantages of SD-WAN


using low-cost, ubiquitous internet links.


over any transport type including 4G.


and simple security management.


that combines multiple links to deliver virtual effective QoS without complexity.


and forwarding decisions improve application performance.


of your entire WAN.


into path performance, application usage and voice traffic.

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What is SD-WAN?

A Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a virtual WAN architecture that uses a combination of hardware, software and cloud‐based technologies to simplify the delivery of network services to different physical sites. It improves application performance, resulting in enhanced user experience, increased business productivity and reduced costs for IT.

The result is ultimate and seamless network accessibility for all team members, regardless of location.


Traditional WANs were never built for the cloud, and as more and more applications migrate to the cloud, geographically distributed enterprises are embracing SD-WANs at an accelerating pace because they help businesses become more agile, enhance business productivity and dramatically lower costs

Is SD-WAN a replacement for MPLS?

SD-WAN can be used as an alternative to carrier MPLS networks. SD-WAN can also integrate into a MPLS network.

Do I need to change network providers?

No you do not. SD-WAN is not a replacement for your current internet set up, but an enhancement of it. It provides an entire pool of connectivity options for your business, giving multiple choices for network access, allowing for boosted efficiency in operations, and the levels of connectivity required to meet the IT demands of a modern, multi-site business.

Will SD-WAN save my business money?

The simple answer is yes.

Switching to an SDWAN solution offers ultimate control over your network, leading to increased efficiencies and cost savings. An SD WAN solution includes all the hardware and software required for ultimate redundancy, eliminating downtime and thus increasing productivity, reducing the need for expensive hardware upgrades and the equipment costs associated with traditional networks.

What are the security implications of SD-WAN?

SD-WAN offers the same levels of robust and secure connectivity to all business applications for the employee on the road as for the team at head office. It uses standard based encryption to provide secure connectivity, thus creating a secure cloud network.

How much does SD-WAN cost?

The cost of an SD-WAN network is determined by the requirements of each business and the needs of the network, but in many cases a SD-WAN can be delivered over cheaper standard grade data links delivering cost savings when compared to carrier Fibre services.

Is SD-WAN easy to manage?

Yes. SD-WAN solutions are designed to enable ease-of-adoption, use and management, and can be easily integrated with your existing MPLS network. Its user-friendly interface ensures managing your network is simple, flexible and cost-effective. By integrating SD-WAN into your business operations you will benefit from boosted levels of control over your network via the ability to prioritise traffic and seamlessly alter traffic flows.

Can SD-WAN make our internet faster?

Yes, because a true SD-WAN like VeloCloud will bond multiple services together, giving you access to all of the available bandwidth if that is required.

For example, if you had 2 x 100/40 NBN services running (from different carriers of course) with the right VeloCloud SD-WAN subscription, you could potentially be getting close to 200Mbps download speeds and close to 80Mbps upload speeds.

Will SD-WAN save us money?

In most cases yes. Firstly, due to the redundancy an SD-WAN offers you won’t have down time in the event one of your data links drops out or goes down. Secondly instead of having to pay for an expensive carrier fibre link costing $000s, you can bond multiple lower cost links and get a similar result.

For example, think about the cost of 2 or 3 NBN services bonded together vs the cost of a fibre internet service.

Can SD-WAN make our internet more reliable?

Yes, because a SD-WAN can have up to four different internet links (most commonly two data links and a 4G connection are used), if any one link drops out the SD-WAN automatically routes all traffic over the fastest available link.

Can we put multiple NBN connections on a SD-WAN?

Yes, the VeloCloud SD-WAN edge devices from Next Telecom can take up to 4 X NBN services plus a 4/5G connection.

But won’t that effect the IP address the traffic is routing over?

No, because the IP address used by the SD-WAN is issued by the Cloud Orchestrator, it doesn’t matter which path the data packet travels over. It will always use the IP Address of the SD-WAN, even over a 4G link.

Could we use SD-WAN to get better-quality links in our offices where high-quality fibre is not available?

Yes. It’s very easy to bond multiple lower cost links such as NBN TC4 (using different NBN Carriers and 4G for additional redundancy). This will allow you to build a very high bandwidth but cost-effective connection.

How do we manage the SD-WAN?

SD-WAN provides the user with an orchestration layer giving full visibility of their network and granular information on traffic, application use & steering, security management and control of their capacity. Users can simply click through their site map from network level down to the device layer at any connected site.

What is dynamic traffic routing on a SD-WAN?

Dynamic traffic routing by the packet is managed by the SD-WAN. The SD-WAN will choose the fastest path for the data packet. You can even unplug a connection during a VoIP phone call and the callers will not notice any change, the call would simply continue over the next available path.

How do you manage security on a SD-WAN?

The VeloCloud has a built-in security layer and management capability but you can always add in a Next Generation Cloud Firewall like a ZScaler subscription for additional security.

SD-WAN allows businesses to leverage simple, ubiquitous, competitive internet connectivity for rapid deployment and considerable savings. It is suitable for any organisation that wants to reduce costs, improve performance, gain flexibility – all without losing functionality.

SD-WAN Features

  • Bandwidth bonding
  • Increased redundancy
  • Detailed Network & device visibility
  • Bandwidth management control & usage visibility
  • Performance and reliability
  • Routing functionality
  • Inexpensive bandwidth
  • Cloud services access
  • Service insertion
  • Ease of management
  • Zero touch branch network deployment
  • Secure network overlay