Cloud Business Phone is the Next Telecom Hosted PBX Phone System.

By using the latest IP Telephone VoIP and Unified Communications platforms, together with the latest hardware, you get the best possible phone system experience with one of Australia's leading VoIP Phone System provider, Next Telecom.

All in One Phone System Plan with Included handset

Our Hosted PBX platform is a phone system that provides a single 'all included' license in the plan, so there are no extra's such as Hunt Groups, Auto Attendants or any of those features that every business needs. It's all included. We have PAYG and Unlimited Calls plans and can assist with Sophisticated or Complex Call Routing requirements. With a Next Telecom Cloud PBX you can have it all.

You have probably had Phone Systems that didn't do all you needed and you probably had Phone Systems that were too expensive to purchase and operate, but have you ever had a Telephone system that is cost effective and had all of the features you need?

Hosted PBX with included handset

Enterprise, Corporate and Small Business Phone Systems

Phone systems for Small Business & Medium Enterprise with Included handset with our 36mth plans mean you don't have expensive establishment costs for your new Phone System and are dealing with Australian based professionals. Our Hosted Phone System with unlimited calling plans including handset rental, offer the lowest start up costs allowing you use Internet protocol Telephony (IP Telephony) to make calls to other IP Phone Users, Mobile Users and Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) users.

90% of our support team are Australian based at our Sydney & Melbourne NOCs and we have staff and dealers based Australia wide available for local support if required. If you are looking for a Cloud Business Phone System provider, Next Telecom brings over 15 years of experience with IP Telephony and a quality Australian based support team.

For larger Clients and Multinational customers we can assist with Call Recording & Reportingor Contact Centre Phone System requirements.

Phone System available with Call Reporting, Call Recording , Contact Centre & Global Phone Multi National deployment.

Call recording for inbound phone numbers

Add Call Recording option for Compliance, Training & Quality Assurance

Call reporting analytics for inbound phone numbers

Add our Call Reporting & Analytics option for insight into Client behaviours

Teams calling Contact Centre

Add Contact Centre solutions from Cloud CC experts

Smart routing for inbound numbers

Multi National? No problem we deploy our PBX to over 100 Countries

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The Business Case for Next Telecom Cloud Business Phone - Cloud PBX

Old on Premises Phone systems are usually expensive to maintain and typically require on site support any time moves, adds, changes or service is needed. Add to this a significant Cap Ex Expenditure to update or replace.

Next Telecom Cloud Business Phone with included handsets

  • Eliminates the up front cap Ex Spend on a new Phone System by including the hardware in 36 month term agreements.

  • Allows clients to self manage simple activities on their Phone systems with star codes eliminating the need for onsite support visits.

  • Provides a scaleable upgrade path from start up through to a large numbers of users.

  • A massive range of included office phone system features.

Global Cloud Business phone system

Our VoIP Phone System platform is available on over 100 Countries globally with number porting available in over 70 Countries. If you have a Multi National presence we can help.


The Next Telecom Cloud Business Phone allows you to scale as you need. You don't need to plan years ahead when you make your initial decision. The Next Telecom Cloud Business Phone allows you to add services and hardware to your IP telephony Solution when you need it and if you need to move, the system can be picked up and relocated without the need for any specialised IT staff.

Value Added Options

Add Call Reporting applications or Call Reporting Metrics for full visibility of your business performance

Softphone flexibility

With our Softphone application used with our Cloud Phone, your team can be productive wherever they need to work. Out mobile application and desk top softphone applications keeps your team connected and in touch when working from home, or while travelling.


With the Cloud Business Phone, mobility is built in at no additional cost. Call Twinning is a standard feature allowing your calls to go to your mobile or desk phone at the same time, so you never miss a call. Or you can choose to use our Mobile application for the full phone system experience.

A Great Choice of Handsets

With our range of cloud business phone handsets, there is a device for everyone or choose to run with a softphone and save on deployment costs and desk space. Our certified IP Phone handsets connect seamlessly to our IP Phone System platform giving you hassle free deployment.

Low or No Cap Ex

With Next Telecom Cloud Phone you can choose your hardware purchase. Buy your IP telephony hardware Outright, Rent or have included Cloud Business Phone handset's with your plan on a 36 month agreement.


Auto Attendants, Hunt Groups, Queues, Music on Hold, Voice Mail to Email are just some of the included features.

Broad compatibility

The Next Telecom Cloud Phone System is compatible with Handsets, Headsets and Conferencing Hardware from Yealink, Poly, Jabra Snom, Cisco, Grandstream and more. We can't test every single device available so we focus on supporting our 3 main brands Yealink, Poly & Snom and we test compatibility and add in their latest devices as soon as they become available.

Unlimited Cloud Phone
Cloud Phone Plans

Your Mobile Office with Cloud Business Phone Systems

With Next Telecom Cloud Business Phone you instantly get a mobile office. With carrier grade call, quality over most data links including 4G, you can now enable your team with IP telephony in the office, on the road or working from home. Using a handset, Softphone on a Mobile device, tablet or laptop with our Mobile app, or Call Twinning to your mobile, your team are always connected.

Simultaneous Ringing with Single Number Simplicity

Using a simple single number platform, your team can remain connected with a quality phone services. Transfer calls from desk to mobile phone application or or Softphone when you need to go without losing the call.

Enhanced Multi Layer IVR/Auto Attendants

Manage your incoming calls from Ip Phones, Mobiles or the Public Switched Telephony Network (PSTN) and direct them to the right place within your business using our Advanced and Multi Level Auto Attendant options. With pre announcement and and after hrs messaging features, your customers can be automatically directed to the right part of the business with the push of a button.

Contact Centre Solutions using Our Cloud Business Phone System

Enhance your Cloud Business Phone with our Contact Centre, Call Reporting and Call Recording solutions. From simple basic call recording, through to advanced and Integrated Contact Centre solutions, the Next Telecom Cloud Business Phone has a range of options to suit your needs and budget

Cloud Phone Contact Centre wallboard

Call Recording

The Call Recording feature collects recording of incoming and outgoing calls within your business and can be used for compliance, Training and Customer service functions using your business phone system.

Cloud Phone Call Recording

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Hosted PBX Installation

Hosted PBX installations available in Most Metro and Regional areas

Cloud Business Phone System onsite Installation is available Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart, Canberra metro area and, Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Newcastle, Wollongong, Toowoomba, Townsville, McKay, Cairns, Gladstone, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Most major regional towns. Cloud Business Phone Telephone Systems using Internet protocol telephony (IP Telephony) are available anywhere Australia wide with power and a reasonable internet connection.

Cloud Business Phone FAQ

What is a Cloud Business Phone System?

Cloud business phone or Hosted PBX is a software-based private branch exchange (PBX) that provides call distribution, routing, transfers, voicemail, and related services for a company. It is managed and hosted off site and your provider maintains the servers and software. Cloud Business Phone uses Internet Protocol Telephony (IP Telephony) to connect your business to other IP Phone Users, Mobile services and Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) users.

Can I get handsets with my Hosted PBX Cloud Business Phone Plan?

Yes you can have an included handset with your Cloud Business Phone Plan or can elect to rent or purchase the handset outright.

What's the difference between Cloud and Traditional PBX?

A traditional PBX is usually owned, maintained, managed and operated onsite by your own business. Cloud PBX is not located on-premises, and is a hosted service delivered by a service provider. This allows companies to outsource the management and maintenance of their voice communications needs, and reduces the need for internal experts.

Is Cloud Business Phone more expensive than an on-premises solution?

In general, businesses can achieve significant cost savings with hosted Cloud PBX vs. on-premises solutions. This is often because cloud providers offer lower start up costs, more affordable add-on features, better reliability guarantees, and the ability to scale your services on a per line basis without having to pay for equipment upgrades.

Can I use Cloud Business Phone if my Internet goes down?

Cloud business phone offers a number of reliability advantages. Mobile failover is another feature that is important to have in place. Upgrading your connection to a fibre-based service can also reduce your risks or having a data connection from multiple carriers can reduce the chance of an outage.

Is Cloud Business Phone secure?

Cloud business phone can offer significant security advantages when correctly implemented. Although there is no technology that will provide 100% protection from getting hacked; all kinds of phone systems - including telephones and PBX -are vulnerable to security flaws depending on the implementation.

Is Cloud Business Phone cheaper at the expense of quality?

Cost does not always equal quality in the telecommunications market, but a very low-cost provider could be delivering lower-quality service. Factors that influence the quality of a solution include your internet connection, quality optimisation, setup processes, uptime (reliability) guarantees, contention ratios and service provider industry experience.

Can Cloud Business Phone manage my call centre needs?

Regardless of how large your organisation's customer service team is and whether they are distributed at multiple sites, cloud business phone call centre features are one of the most affordable and seamless ways to support call centre communications.

For more detail please contact the Next Telecom Team on 1300 73 54 81

Cloud Business Phone Features

Auto Attendant

An automated message service welcoming callers and providing numbered options to direct calls to different areas of the business


Voicemails can be delivered to your desk phone, mobile and/or email inbox

Simultaneous Ring (Twinning)

When a customer calls the main office number, the call will ring the office handset and a mobile phone, phone at home, or soft phone on a computer

Call Forward

You can forward calls in a number of different ways. This includes call forward busy, call forward no answer, call forward immediate, call forward selected callers, call forward set the time. Note that additional charges apply for the forwarded calls on PAYG plans.


Phone conferencing provides a virtual meeting room for internal and external contacts to dial into. Easily make 3 Way calls.

Calling Number Display

Find out who is calling you before you pick up. This is great for a range of business who want to offer a professional phone service.


Dial an extension to page people onsite or in the office

Ring Groups and Hunt Groups

Ensure important calls are answered by defining a group of extensions, or extensions in a department, to ring together

Agent Groups

Allows you to place callers in a queue. The calls are queued up and played music on hold along with recorded messages until an agent becomes available.

Extendable Scalability

As you expand users, offices or locations you can easily add to your existing platform.

Multiple Number

Get a second business telephone number without a full additional line rental. A secondary ring tone will allow you to distinguish between your first number and your Multiple Number. This is great if you run two separate businesses from the same location. You can then answer the phone in the correct way for the necessary business.

Call Reporting

Obtain daily or real-time summaries of all calls, missed calls, calls by extension or department

Hot Desking

Simple log in to allow multiple users over the one desk.