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Native Unified Call Recording for Microsoft Teams Calling with AI powered Analytics.

We offer the world’s leading cloud Unified Call Recording and Voice AI solution. Our Call Recording enables businesses to record, store and analyse any call on Microsoft Teams for compliance, customer experience, productivity and performance, and fast dispute resolution.

Our call Recording for the Teams Phone System is the only certified, fully integrated cloud unified call recording and voice AI solution for Microsoft Teams. We can securely and compliantly capture calls from any device or location without costly hardware. Recordings can be easily accessed and are instantly searchable.

From sentiment analytics and transcriptions to keyword trends and alerts, AI-powered insights enable a business to capture the value in every conversation—all from one easy-to-use platform that connects to Salesforce, applications, and dashboards.

*Call Recording *Call Transcription *Call Sentiment Scoring *Call Analytics *Easy Indexing & Retrieval

With Artificial Intelligence driven Call Analytics for Microsoft Teams calling, you can measure and assess all of the data retrieved from your Call Recordings.

Every Call Recording on your Microsoft Teams Phone System becomes a source of valuable client data

Benefits of Unified Call Recording and Voice AI for Microsoft Teams Calling

Address regulatory compliance

Essential for any regulated industry - compliantly record and transcribe every customer conversation to meet compliance mandates and respond instantly to audits and investigations. Voice AI can quickly identify compliance breaches or suspicious behaviours.

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn

Gain real-time insights into customer satisfaction and sentiment to quickly improve the customer experience and enable fast responses required to retain clients.

Limit liability and dispute resolution

Record every client conversation for proof of orders or advice given and get alerted when clients complain - instantly accessible for quick resolution of issues.

Improve staff performance with training

Know what staff are saying to customers and get the insights you need to improve employee performance. Discover missed revenue opportunities.

Boost productivity

Give time back to your sales team by eliminating inaccurate and time-wasting manual note-taking. Transcribe every call and meeting and automatically attach them to Salesforce records.

Reduce IT Costs and Complexity

Our cloud-based platform is built to natively to Microsoft Teams for fast setup, no hardware or professional services needed and is available for a low monthly subscription.

Record calls in Microsoft Teams phone calls

Speak to one of the Next Telecom Teams Calling Solution experts and ask about our Call Recording capabilities. 1300 00 NEXT (1300 00 6398)

Why choose our Call Recording for Microsoft Teams?

More Flexible & affordable - Flexible, instantly provisioned in and from the Cloud.

Connected - Easily integrate with apps - like Salesforce. Instantly create dashboards and reports.

Simple & Easy - On your phone or from your Browser - every conversation is a click away.

More compliant & secure - Compliant and secure Teams call recording, storage and management.

No limits - Infinitely scalable without the limits of legacy call recording.

Rapid onboarding - Our Customer Success team will get you set-up, trained and ready to go.

Native Call Recording for the microsoft Teams Phone System with Easy Call recording indexing
The best Microsoft Teams Phone System call recording platform
Teams Phone System call recording integration with salesforce
Call recording for the Microsoft Teams phone system

Enhanced features of Call Recording with AI voice Analytics for Teams Calling

Set Up Automated Alerts based on call language and sentiment

Using our AI sentiment analysis and transcription feature you can receive insights from your Call recording for Microsoft Teams and have automated alerts sent straight to your inbox within minutes. You can place set up alerts for:

▪ Swearing or other prohibited language for line managers and HR.

▪ Early intervention when you get cancellation notifications sent to Customer Service or Sales.

▪ Prompt complaint notification or negative sentiment for Customer service intervention.

▪ Get warning when a Competitor is mentioned.

▪ Take renewal notifications for the renewals team

▪ Alert senior managers to extreme trends in avg. call sentiment is trending negative

▪ Get feedback on Marketing for brand and campaign keywords

Quality assurance and enhanced customer experience with call recordings and sentiment.

Your CX is what keeps bringing your customers back. Knowing what your customers think about you is critical to identify issues before they escalate and help turn a negative experience into a positive one. By capturing the sentiment in each call based on the language and tone of voice, our Call Recording for Microsoft Teams calling allows you to understand the context & emotion behind the text captured in the calls and resolve problems quickly.

Understanding your clients emotions helps you to manage conflict, dispute management, training and deeper call management.

Now you can gather instant insight about your products, services and your support teams and take action before your customers leave. Next Telecom Call Recording with analytics for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing can structure and transcribe your call data so the trends in your customer sentiment can be identified as they begin.

Teams Calling Call Recording call Sentiment

Easy Call Recording Indexing in the Microsoft Teams Phone System

Call recording is one thing, finding and playing back the Call recording is another. With Next Telecom Call Recording for Teams indexing of records can be searched by client and company name, originating phone number, keyword or term plus a myriad of other tag options.

Unlimited Call Storage

Native Call Recording for Microsoft Teams is Cloud based so the call recording sits natively within the Teams environment and securely captures incoming and outgoing customer calls and stores them securely, and in accordance with all compliance standards.

When you need to retrieve them they are there for you to download to your server or leave in our Cloud for as long as you have your Call Recording subscription. You get unlimited storage so there is no need to pay for additional top up storage or additional hardware as you grow.

Native Call Recording for the microsoft Teams Phone System with Easy Call recording indexing


Being a MS Gold Partner for Communications means something!

Its means that Next Telecom has been certified by Microsoft for our MS Teams Calling products and our ability to deploy them.

So choosing Next Telecom is choosing a Microsoft Teams Partner you can trust.

Find out more about Call Reporting for Microsoft Teams - Call 1300 00 NEXT

Call Recording with Analytics for Microsoft Teams FAQ

What is unified call recording with AI Powered analytics for Teams?

The Next Telecom unified call recording enables you to easily record and store any conversation - voice, video, chat - unify it into one easily accessible platform, and turn it into actionable insights.

What are the benefits of unified call recording on Teams Direct Routing?

Business and public sector organisations are driving better customer, compliance, revenue and people outcomes with Call Recording. Unlock insights from any conversation for compliance, dispute resolution, customer experience, productivity and performance.

Can I get a transcript of the Call Recording?

Yes a transcript can be downloaded and if you have the AI powered analytics the transcript with highlight negative and positive sentiment.

What is Call Sentiment?

With Call Recording analytics the AI recognises negative, neutral and positive language and highlights these sentiments on the recording transcript.

How is Call Sentiment established?

There is a default set or words that are identified as positive or negative and you can add key works yourself to each list like competitor names.

Can alerts be generated on certain call types?

Yes alerts can be sent to managers once the call is completed on any Call Sentiment measure. For example calls with swearing can be sent as a transcript alert to the Team Leader or Manager.

Can a call recording be scored?

Yes and score can be established for the Sentiment giving the call a score that allows the manager to set alerts.

What can Call Recording for Teams calling be used for?

Cal, recording can be used for a range of business requirements including training, Quality Assurance, Dispute resolution, assisting with the customer Experience and satisfaction or for legal compliance.

What is voice AI?

Enrich recordings with (AI) Artificial Intelligence (machine powered learning) insights including accurate transcriptions, sentiment and emotion analysis, metadata, alerts and more. True AI, machine learning and NLP power insights

Where is my data stored?

Conversational records and data are stored securely and compliantly in the our platforms Voice Intelligence Cloud for as long as you maintain subscription. You can download recordings to your own storage at any time.

Is there any limit to the Call Recording Storage?

No as long as you have a subscription the Call Recording storage is unlimited.

Is there any additional storage, hardware or services costs?

No our voice recording platform storage is included in the subscription costs. This is infinitely scalable in the cloud, zero hardware, storage or services costs. Flexible monthly plans make the return on conversational data compelling and affordable. Eliminate the cost and complexity of legacy call recording and multi-vendor solutions.

Are calls captured compliantly to meet privacy and regulations?

Securely record and store conversations & redact sensitive data to meet GDPR, PCI, DSS and other regulations.

How is financial information like credit card details captured?

Credit Card and financial information is taken during the conversation then redacted on the call transcript

What controls are available?

The system admin can authorise or control what is recorded, who records, who shares, what is deleted. Easily enact legal hold and protect data for investigations.

Can I extract my voice data and integrate it into other data sets?

Easily share recordings and easily connect Call Recording for Teams via open APIs to your favourite apps, dashboards, big data sets and more.

Can I automatically connect my data to apps?

Automatically conversational records and data to the apps you use most - Salesforce, Google Data Studio, Tableau, IBM Cognos and more.

Where can I view my recordings and transcriptions?

You can Replay & review conversations easily on Next Telecoms Call Recording for Microsoft Teams mobile app or web portal and you can download the call transcripts.

Am I locked into a plan?

No. Flexible pricing designed to meet your needs and budget within your agreement term. - all on simple SaaS plans.