3 Step Call Reporting & Analytics for Teams with Analytics 365

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Step 1

Connect to Teams with or without Teams Calling in O365

Step 2

Install Analytics 365 & Explore A365 Dashboards

Step 3

Gain sights to your Business on Calls, Queues, Meetings & Chat

Call Reporting for Microsoft Teams.

Call Reporting for Teams Calling offers a simple and cost effective call reporting solution for business that need to know how their teams are performing. Help manage your teams workload with call analytics and reporting on call volumes and queue, chats, meetings

Our simple to deploy, out of the box platform provides trend reporting & wall boards for users of MS Teams puts you in complete control. Our call wallboards, historical dashboards, and supporting reports let you view and monitor agents and queues and report on everything thing from collaboration to employee engagement in real time.

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Teams call anaytics and reporting

Analytics for Teams Direct Routing

Microsoft Teams Calling is here to stay and is forecast to be the most commonly used business phone system by 2023. Our native Call Reporting & Analytics for Teams allows you to effectively manage your teams and remote workers are using you Microsoft Teams.

Next Telecom Analytics puts your finger on the pulse of your connected organization. Our Suite of easy to use suite of monitoring and analytical tools provides insights into user-adoption trends, call quality, employee productivity, call costs and much more. Next Telecom Call Reporting helps you turn your Microsoft Teams platform into a powerful environment for for all of business visibility.

Teams Usage Analytics

Get real, actionable information on how your people are using Microsoft Teams. Understand Team activity across your organisation with Microsoft Teams usage analytics. Teams A365 analytics allow managers to discover pain points, identify training opportunities and unearth new efficiencies. Our in-depth analytics on calls, meetings, chat and Team activity makes it easy to identify the teams that are using teams frequently, and those that aren’t.

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Analytics 365 meeting analytics australia

Meeting Analytics

Using Analytics 365 allow you to get insight into the quality of your meetings using our meeting reports. Understand call quality scores, talk times and attendance patterns to get insight on everything from which teams are hosting effective meetings to how engaged people are. Cut down on unnecessary meetings and identify meetings that could be emails with Analytics 365. Get a range of dashboards that help to highlight everything from attendance, to talk time, to frequency. Use the data on these dashboards to drill down and discover which meetings are important to your teams and which ones can be cancelled.

Chat Analytics

Using the chat analytics in A365 gives your business insight on how your teams are communicating on Microsoft Teams Chat. This gives you understanding on how the top teams communicate & how engaged employees really are. Help your teams to make the most of their time with chat analytics. Using our insights you can ensure that your teams are using Microsoft Teams chat at the right level for their role

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Employee Wellbeing

With reports on chat sentiment you can gain an understanding on how your employees are feeling and the pain points they may be having. Using the chat sentiment reporting will allow you to understand the mood and identify negative trends before they become an issue. With our tool you can spot which teams are spending too much time in unnecessary meetings and get a view on which teams are working out of hours. With our dashboards and advanced metrics you can gain actionable insights into how your business uses Microsoft Teams today and over time.

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Choose the Analytics 365 licencing you need

Take it all or choose just what you need.


  • Insights dashboard
  • Native collaboration analytics
  • Understand activity, collaboration and engagement within Teams
  • Review capacity, well being and working habits
  • Monitor Teams and Channels for best practice


  • Insights dashboard
  • Understand missed calls and SLA achievements
  • Gain insights into call handling and agent activity to optimise call outcomes
  • Gain full visibility of call queues and volumes to improve response times
  • Use data gained for resource planning

Easy to Use Microsoft Teams Call Reporting and Analytics

Call Reporting for Teams cuts through the fog that cloaks UC&C activity. Now you really can see who is doing what, where, and when – and how effectively they’re doing it.

Call reporting provides your business with its own fully customisable window to help you become the most efficient and collaborative in your sector. Clobba can save you money, increase your productivity and improve customer satisfaction levels.

Increase User Adoption

  • Gain efficiency by monitoring trends in user adoption across all aspects of your platform.
  • Use the data gained to highlight areas for further education, training & resourcing.

Manage User Experience

  • Team Managers can monitor call quality, identify any problems, know what needs fixing.
  • Team Managers can highlight issues allowing them to drill down into team and individual detail to identify root cause of poor quality.

Improved productivity

  • Platform users can translate expected efficiency gains into improved customer-service KPIs
  • System Managers can understand how your UC technologies are creating a more efficient workplace
  • View metrics of call-handling times to improve resource planning

Capacity Planning

  • Saving potential can be used to analyse SIP-trunk utilization across multiple locations

Easier Cost Management

  • Use the information gained to understand call usage to gain tighter control over costs
  • Apportion call costs for easy cross-company billing

Reduce time theft & abuse

  • Check that staff are using the technology for legitimate purposes
  • Use budget thresholds and alerts to control costs and eliminate external fraud
  • Improve call resolutions for a better customer experience

Multi Lingual

  • Call Reporting for Teams Direct Routing is available in several languages: French, Spanish, German, Dutch and Danish.

Being a MS Gold Partner for Communications means something!

Its means that Next Telecom has been certified by Microsoft for our MS Teams Calling products and our ability to deploy them.

So choosing Next Telecom is choosing a Microsoft Teams Partner you can trust.

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