Call Reporting & Recording For Cloud Business Phone

Call Reporting for Cloud Business Phone offers a simple and cost effective call reporting solution for business that need to know how their teams are performing. If you need Call Recording or Reporting for the Microsoft Teams Phone System click here.

Next Telecoms simple to deploy, out of the box platform provides trend reporting & wall boards for users of Cloud Business Phone, putting you in complete control. Our real-time wallboards, historical dashboards, and supporting reports let you view and monitor agents and queues in real time. The platform is fully customisable to show the stats you rely on for superb customer service.

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Call Reporting Insights for Hosted PBX

Our native Call Reporting and Call Recording platform for Hosted PBX allows you to effectively manage your teams and remote workers who are using your Cloud Business Phone

Next Telecom Call Reporting puts your finger on the pulse of your connected organisation. Our Suite of easy to use monitoring and analytical tools provides insights into user-adoption trends, call quality, employee productivity, call costs and much more. Next Telecom Call Reporting helps you turn your Hosted PBX platform into a powerful environment for all of business visibility.

Automatic Call Recording for Hosted PBX

Our Automatic Call Recording platform for Hosted PBX allows you to effectively & securely capture and manage your teams calls using our Cloud Business Phone.

Next Telecom Automatic Call Recording app puts you in charge. Capture all calls or just calls from a certain Queue or Operator. Our phone call recording application allows you to capture, manage, store and easily retrieve calls based on a range of search criteria and filters.

Handle regulatory compliance, Improve staff performance training and responses, use Call Recordings for dispute management. Our Phone Call Recording application puts you in control.

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Easy to Use Hosted PBX Reporting and Recording

Call Reporting for Hosted PBX allows you to see what your team is doing, where, and when – and how effectively they’re doing it.

Next Telecoms Phone Call Recording software provides your business with its own secure fully customisable Recording portal allowing you to review, store and simple retrieve and listen to recordings to help you become the most efficient and collaborative in your sector.

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Increase User Adoption

  • Gain efficiency by monitoring trends in user adoption across all aspects of your platform.
  • Use the data gained to highlight areas for further education, training & resourcing.

Manage User Experience

  • Team Managers can monitor call quality, identify any problems, know what needs fixing.
  • Team Managers can highlight issues allowing them to drill down into team and individual detail to identify root cause of poor quality.

Improved productivity

  • Platform users can translate expected efficiency gains into improved customer-service KPIs
  • System Managers can understand how your UC technologies are creating a more efficient workplace
  • View metrics of call-handling times to improve resource planning

Capacity Planning

  • Saving potential, can be used to analyse SIP-trunk utilisation across multiple locations

Easier Cost Management

  • Use the information gained to understand call usage to gain tighter control over costs
  • Apportion call costs for easy cross-company billing

Reduce time theft & abuse

  • Check that staff are using the technology for legitimate purposes
  • Use budget thresholds and alerts to control costs and eliminate external fraud
  • Improve call resolutions for a better customer experience

Improve Compliance

  • Use Call recording for training, Financial and Personal data compliance and dispute resolution

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Product Details

What are the primary benefits of Call Reporting?

  • Log every single call
  • Allow you to apply call policies across your business
  • Provide alerts and notifications of policy breaches
  • Create Extension / cost centre invoices
  • Report on all aspects of your telephone system
  • Drive responsible use & identify abuse
  • Automate carrier bill charging-on for departments
  • Provides the admin with greater control of telecoms assets, users and expense
  • Better visualisation of users/location in the Corporate hierarchy
  • Empowers Budget Holders and Cost Centre Managers
  • Understand where the money is being spent and by whom
  • Visibility to inbound call traffic and your performance metrics
  • Effective tools to help manage user policies
  • Automates F&A monthly routines
  • Stop abuse, ensure VAT Compliance
  • Save money : Immediately & ongoing

What are the other features of Call Reporting?

  • Accessible to all staff including Line Managers & end users
  • Fixed line Personal Call Management for cost recovery
  • Comprehensive Inventory and Asset Management
  • Re-rates – Reinstatement of actual costs
  • Dashboard for every user
  • Enhanced access & reporting for every user
  • Multiple reporting outputs: CSV, HTML, Excel, PDF
  • All reports can be tailored and scheduled to run automatically
  • Unprecedented levels of control, reporting and analysis

Can Call Reporting be used across multiple sites?

Yes once the Call reporting package is attached the PBX the geography of the user is irrelevant. The Platform can be used across multiple sites and even multiple countries.

How is the platform Hosted? Do we need any hardware?

No the Call Reporting and recording platform is a fully Hosted SaaS based service.

How easy is it to add call Recording?

Verv easy. Call recording can be added to any of the tenancy licences.

What licenses do we need to set up?

All instances require a tenancy licence (associated with your PBX) and the relevant number of user and Supervisor licences.