With 25 global hubs, we’ve built our voice platform for reliability, quality and reach.

You can get cheap, nasty and no end of drama. Or you can partner with a Globally trusted CTS Team that has the network and skills to manage the most complex requirements.

Global voice calling for partners and multinational business. Global Teams Calling, Global SIP and high volume CTS.

We understand what you need from a wholesale voice solution. We have the solution you need to drive growth.

Our core network hosts millions of endpoints and DID numbers. The platform is hosted in 25 locations around the world – covering countries across APAC (including China), India, Europe, North and South America. This provides much greater flexibility than the incumbent Telcos - and true global collaboration through a unique integrated platform, regardless of your distributed locations.


DID porting from over 80 countries. New DIDs available from over 100 Countries. PSTN porting almost everywhere.


Our global network of Teams Direct Routing nodes allows us to deploy Microsoft Teams Calling into over 100 Countries removing the burden of having to deal with conflicting PBX technologies & multiple suppliers across multiple countries and time zones.


It's a dream of many Global PBX network managers. To have their Global PBX platform with a single provider, using a single uniform technology and a single point of contact.

Using our Global SIP platform allows your business to manage SIP traffic with a single provider to over 100 countries. Join your follow the sun Contact Centre Operations or global operations onto a single integrated voice network.


Next Telecom CTS gives you the ability to transit and terminate voice calls to fixed and mobile carriers using premium CLI routes to over 100 countries worldwide.

We have interconnections to the world’s largest and most trusted Tier 1 carriers with multiple back-up routes in place for overflow.

Tested to deliver 10,000 concurrent channels at 100 CPS (Calls Per Second) recently, we can support your business no matter how complex

Next Telecom CTS is the foundation block of our Cloud Business Phone hosted voice platform.

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Global Teams Provider Multi National


Next Telecom has access to DID number ranges in over 6000 cities worldwide. Our phone numbers are sourced exclusively from local partners and are directly allocated by local regulators in each country.

Next Telecom’s DID Hosting service underpins wholesale solutions everywhere, from contact centres to service providers, systems integrators to disruptive global carriers.

DID numbers provide a faster way for callers to reach employees - callers can easily bypass the main office number to reach employees directly.

To discuss your wholesale needs and find out how Next Telecom can help your business, please contact us now.


Easily migrate your end-user numbers, including toll free and local rate numbers.

In mature markets like Australia, UK, USA, Singapore, and New Zealand, the key to building your revenue is migrating your customer's numbers away from their incumbent telco.

If you already have Geographic Number ranges, Next Telecom can port these in from most major carriers worldwide.

Number Portability is a key element of our range of services that we provide to wholesale customers. To discuss your wholesale needs and find out how Next Telecom can help your business, completed the enquiry form below or Call our Global Wholesale Team on one of the numbers below.

Our DID phone numbers are virtual and not tied to a network - and hosted in our Cloud.

Why we’re the partner of choice

Simplicity is the essence of everything we do; from our billing to our partner support.

We provide a fresh approach for our wholesale partners, helping to optimize costs and improve performance. Our proven capability, experience and remarkable service delivery allows you to focus on your core business and grow.

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