NBN Plans for Business

Super fast and reliable NBN Plans for Business customers with Australian based support. Don't leave your business NBN plan to a residential provider with offshore support. Our NBN Business Internet Plans offer high capacity at a great rate. You can choose from our range of NBN Internet plans for business including NBN TC4 high bandwidth services up to 1000/400Mbps (if on FttP & some HFC sites) or use NBN Enterprise Ethernet for added NBN reliability.

For businesses needing added reliability and with more than a few staff, we recommend NBN Enterprise Ethernet or Business Fibre Internet.

Business NBN 25/5Business NBN 50/20Business NBN 100/40Business NBN 250/100Business NBN 1000/400
Unlimited Data on all plans and with included Static IP address
Australian based support & sales
Enhanced Fault SLAs available
Higher bandwidths only available on FttP and some HFC locations
Layer 3 & Layer 2 services available
Need more than NBN? Enterprise Ethernet and Multi Network carrier fibre available.
Business NBN with Australia support Aussie Support

Supported by our Award winning Australian based Team

Unlimited NBN no Excess data charges

All NBN plans have an Unlimited Data allowance = no excess charges

Business NBN for business applications

Business NBN for critical applications like VoIP and Cloud applications

4 G 5 G failover available

4G/5G Failover and a range of Router options available

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Add reliability with Business Grade Internet, SD-WAN, 4G or 5G network failover

The NBN reliability is getting better but peace of mind comes with a 4/5G network failover solution. Ask us how!

If your business Internet is mission critical, NBN Enterprise Ethernet and our Business Fibre Internet services offer more than a standard NBN service.

Or you can bond multiple NBN services together with a SD-WAN service to get higher bandwidth and multi carrier redundancy.

If you would like to speak to an Australian based NBN expert Consultant please complete the form below or call 1300 722 320

Our nbn network specialists will help you understand the impact of the nbn to your business, develop a transition plan and answer any questions you have.

Let’s transform your future. Together.

NBN Plans for Business FAQ

What data allowance is provided?

All NBN plans are unlimited with no excess data charges applicable.

How long does it take to get a NBN TC4 service connected?

If your site has previously been connected to the NBN, it can be 1-10 days for a reconnection. If your site is being connected to the NBN for the first time, It can take 10-20 business days for the NBN connection to be completed.

Can we have a Voice service with our NBN connection?

A number of voice products can be bundled with your NBN connection. The most popular being a SIP trunk that can have 1 or multiple simultaneous voice connections

What is the Subsequent installation charge?

This is the fee NBN charges for connecting a 2nd NBN service to the same address.

Is this service suitable for business critical data services?

NBN’s TC4 services are aimed at providing a lower cost internet connectivity service so its not ideally suited for business critical data services. If reliability, speed, or security are important, then we recommend a number of other options like dedicated fibre or NBN Ethernet along with a 4G failover. For added security and control of bandwidth allocation, we recommend an SD-WAN overlay.

What is Next Telecoms Network coverage on the NBN?

Next Telecom can provide NBN services across the entire NBNco footprint. Faster speed services with the higher bandwidths are only available in select areas on the FttP and HFC networks.

What NBN access technologies are available for this service?

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), Fibre to the Curb (FTTC), Fibre to the Basement (FTTB), Fibre to the Node (FTTN), Hybrid TM Fibre Coaxial (HFC), Fixed Wireless (FW) and Sky Muster satellite.

Will NBNco install equipment before we can order a service?

In most cases external equipment is not required to order a service on the NBN but a NTD (Network Termination Device ) may be installed for a FttP and HFC installation. This is usually installed inside the premises at the time of the first installation. Other service types will be installed to existing copper within the building.

What contract terms are available on NBN?

We can offer 12 month, 24 month or 36 month terms.

Can we have all of our NBN services on the same account?

Yes multiple sites can be connected and added to the same account for billing. Bills can be itemized by site or department and enterprise customers can elect multiple billing methods.

Why cant I get the NBN technology of my choice?

The NBN Network was initially planned to be all Fibre to the Premises (FttP). However due to government decisions based on some estimates that it would be faster and cheaper to complete, a multi mix technology plan was rolled out. This mean that depending on the existing network technology in your area, a predetermined NBN technology type would be delivered.

If you are on FttN, FTTTC, HFC or FttB, you can request a technology upgrade to FttP via the NBN website.

What does best effort service mean?

With a NBN TC4 Plan for Business your download and upload speeds represent a Peak Information Rate (PIR) – the maximum speed you can expect on an uncongested network. Your actual speed will be affected by a variety of factors, including your access technology and there is no bandwidth warranty on the service.

NBN Plans for Business Features

  • Unlimited data on all NBN business Plans.
  • Australian based support
  • Layer 2 & Layer 3 NBN available
  • High Speed NBN Services up to 1Gb Internet are only available on FttP sites.
  • Some HFC sites can get higher NBN bandwidths up to 250Mbps. Ask us if your site qualifies.
  • Installation charges waived for services on 12 month contracts.
  • Choose from a broad range of NBN Business Internet Plans.
  • Included Static IP address on most NBN Business Plans.
  • Additional IP blocks available.
  • 4G backup available.
  • Multiple Carrier Networks for service redundancy available.
  • No Bandwidth warranties apply on NBN TC4 services
  • Choice of BYO, Standard and 4G failover routers.
  • High Quality NBN TC4 Plans for business
  • NBN Greenfields and subsequent install charges may apply
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