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Why do you need Failover Internet solutions for business?

Dual diversity data links using additional internet links, different networks and different technologies provide business with redundancy in the event that the primary fibre internet link has an outage. You would not drive your car without a spare Tyre so why leave your business at risk of going off line?

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We need a 100 Seat Phone System for our staff to work from home. No problem, that will be 2hrs.

Next Telecom was contacted at 9am Tuesday morning by one of Australia’s largest Early Learning and Childcare Groups, with an urgent need to deploy a 100 Seat Phone System. Next Telecom Delivered in 2 hrs.

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Work From Home Strategies

Businesses around the country are actively assessing how they will respond to the coronavirus to keep their business running and ensure the health and wellbeing of their staff.
We’ve received many enquiries from our clients about how they can adapt their telecommunications to allow for work from home and remote work.
At Next Telecom, we have a range of services that help businesses to work effectively with a distributed workforce. We’ve also developed a rapid implementation programme to help companies get set up to support work from home arrangements. You can read more about it here.
See below for some of the strategies that help you manage a remote workforce.

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