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The latest Handsets & Workstations for the Microsoft Teams Phone System

More and more clients are running with headset only when using Microsoft Teams Calling Plans, but for those who still want a desk phone, here are the best and most cost effective options. Note the VP59 is the only Video phone available for Microsoft Teams Calling at this stage.

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The excellent phone system inside Microsoft Teams

The phone system inside MS Teams. There's a Teams Calling capability that's built into Microsoft Teams. It’s not new and is currently available for quick deployment. Teams Calling means you can make VOIP calls within your company out of the box and Microsoft also offers a Phone System add-on for Teams, which works with the public switched telephone network.

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If you’re still using Skype for Business Online it’s time for a replacement

Skype for Business Online (SfB-O) will be retired on July 31, 2021, after which it will no longer be accessible or supported. Now is as good a time as any to begin your SfB-O replacement journey, allowing you ample time to complete the upgrade prior to the retirement date. Micrsoft Teams and the Microsoft Teams Phone System is the Skype for Business replacement product from Microsoft.

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