What is NBN Enterprise Ethernet?

NBN Enterprise Ethernet is a carrier grade fibre service that delivers bandwidth with the highest speeds, performance and reliability across the NBN Ethernet access network. Enterprise Ethernet comes with High and Low Class of Service (CoS).

What is Next Telecom Enterprise Ethernet?

Next Telecom Enterprise Ethernet is a high quality Business Internet service carried over NBN's Enterprise Ethernet footprint. It extends the high bandwidth, symmetrical access, internet services across a national coverage to businesses that need the reliability of access and service assurance from Next Telecom.

Why would I need Enterprise Ethernet?

There are 3 main reasons to migrate to Next Telecom NBN Enterprise Ethernet:
  • Scalability: Using fibre based symmetrical access internet services, with NBN Enterprise Ethernet you can scale your bandwidth as your needs change. With speeds from 50Mbps to 1Gbps, there is plenty of room to grow.
  • Service Diversity: Next Telecom provides a wide range of managed services to facilitate your communication and Cloud connectivity needs
  • Coverage: Next Telecom Enterprise Ethernet has a national reach, which has been long overdue in this country

Can I get a dedicated 1:1 on NBN Enterprise Ethernet?

Yes you can get a Dedicated 1:1 service with a High CoS Enterprise Ethernet providing symmetrical speeds up to 1Gbps.

Where is NBN Enterprise Ethernet available?

Enterprise Ethernet is available is available nationally across the NBN fixed line footprint, which includes locations covered by the technology types - FttP, FttC, FttB, FttN & HFC networks.

Can I get Enterprise Ethernet in NBN's Fixed Wireless and Satellite footprints?

Enterprise Ethernet is not available in NBN's Satellite footprint. While NBN's Fixed Wireless footprint is also not covered, in rare cases it may be possible to get Enterprise Ethernet. But note that this may typically need fibre build, and associated build costs may apply.

What’s the difference between CoS-High and CoS-Low, Classes of Service?

CoS-Low is a Peak Information Rate (PIR) service. If you were to get a 100Mbps CoS-Low, PIR, service you will get a maximum 100Mbps but may not get that bandwidth at all times depending on other users on the network. CoS-Low is a 'Best Efforts' bandwidth service.

If you were to take a CoS-High service, which has a committed Information rate (CIR), you will have 100Mbps at the Network termination device at all times. Note that your internet traffic does not provide any bandwidth guarantees as there are lots of factors that determine the actual speed received.

Should I use CoS-Low or CoS-High Class of Service?

It is our expectation that all your bandwidth needs will be met by CoS-Low service. By utilising bandwidth scalability up to 1Gbps, there should be adequate room for your connection to grow as your business requirements grow.

What is the maximum bandwidth I can get on Enterprise Ethernet?

Currently, Next Telecom Enterprise Ethernet is available up to 1Gbps. It is possible to get multiple 1Gbps connections to the same site. Note that additional charges are applicable with each additional service delivered to the site.

How long will the install take to install an Enterprise Ethernet service?

Subject to a site availability check, installation will take 30-60 business days.

Is installation free?

There is a build and connection fee that could be applicable to a NBN Enterprise Ethernet service. Typically the build is no cost however this needs to be confirmed prior to placing your order.

On 36-month contracts, standard connection is free for eligible businesses. Installation fees apply for 12 and 24 month contract terms.

What is the default Fault Resolution SLA on Enterprise Ethernet?

The default SLA allows for 12-hour fault resolution time, with enhanced fault resolution times available as optional upgrades.

What other Fault Resolution SLAs are available?

There is the option to have a 4 hour or 8 hour fault resolution SLA.

Note that additional charges apply.

What is the Availability SLA?

We offer different levels of Availability targets including best effort with No rebates, a 99% and 99.95% uptime options.

These targets refer to the commitment in keeping the NBN service up and running with minimal disruption. If this targets are not met, we pay a percentage of your monthly access fee as a rebate.

Can I change my NBN Enterprise Ethernet bandwidth?

Yes you can. As NBN Enterprise Ethernet is delivered over a direct fibre connection you can dial your service up or down as your business requires. Bandwidth changes can be implemented within hours of a service request.

Can I change plan?

Yes you can. Next Telecom offers excellent flexibility for our customers and we understand that business needs change over time.

Can Next Telecom provide on-site installation?

Yes, we provide the option of self-installation or can do an on-site installation for you. Note that charges apply for onsite installations that are dependent on the distance of the site from the CBD.

Can I change from Low to High CoS?

Yes you can. We understand your business needs change over time, and how you use your data network also changes. If you find the importance of your applications changing, you can alter your class of service accordingly.

What router will I need?

You can use any suitable Business Grade WAN access router however we strongly suggest that you employ a suitable business grade router with Gigabit throughput such as a Cisco Meraki or SD-WAN edge device to get the maximum benefit from your Enterprise Ethernet Service.

Do I need to organise a router or can you provide one?

Next Telecom will provide you with the router.

What are the contract terms on Enterprise Ethernet?

12, 24 and 36 month contract terms are available.

What’s the difference between Enterprise Ethernet and TC2 and TC4?

Enterprise Ethernet is 100% fibre service direct to your door, delivering symmetrical speeds and suited to business-critical applications and enterprise data requirements. TC2 is designed to provide access to high performance data for applications and services that require consistent, predictable download and upload speed requirements. TC4 is an asymmetrical service designed primarily for non-business critical general internet and standard data services.

What would Enterprise Ethernet do to my business?

Having Next Telecom Enterprise Ethernet would mean that your business is of a size where high quality connectivity needs to be taken seriously. While some businesses are better suited for residential grade connectivity, any business on Next Telecom Enterprise Ethernet would get benefit of high bandwidth, symmetrical access with high grade fault resolution options.

It would mean that your communication needs will not be the bottleneck and will instead help drive better engagement and collaboration within your business and with your customers.

Does NBN Enterprise Ethernet share the same network as the residential grade access?

An absolute No.

In fact NBN rolls out a separate, dedicated, fibre link for every Enterprise Ethernet connection, unlike that shared infrastructure they use for residential grade fibre services. So even NBN treats these connections differently and separate them from being impacted by residential traffic.

I’m using symmetrical internet service on a copper connection. Do I need Enterprise Ethernet?


In many cases copper disconnections means that symmetrical copper services are being phased out. By moving to Next Telecom Enterprise Ethernet you have the right upgrade path away from low bandwidth copper based connections, which are now past their use by date.

I’m already on a fibre-based internet connection. Do I need Enterprise Ethernet?

It's likely that you need Next Telecom Enterprise Ethernet. There have been cases where customers have moved across from alternative fibre providers due to the need for a consistent service proposition using the nbn Enterprise Ethernet footprint. For instance, the likes of Coles, Woolworths, Australia Post, ANZ bank and others have moved, or are in the process of moving, their entire corporate networks across to nbn Enterprise Ethernet. We recommend that you speak to our sales representative to determine if Next Telecom Enterprise Ethernet provides you with an effective upgrade path.

Can I get this service delivered in a Data Centre?

Yes, it is possible to get the service delivered to a Data Centre. Contact us to check availability of specific data centres that may be of interest to you.

Is Enterprise Ethernet suited for SD-WAN?

This access is ideally suited for SD-WAN as it provides symmetrical, high bandwidth, scalable, internet connection with market leading connectivity to cloud providers in the region.

Can Next Telecom deliver an SD-WAN as well?

Yes. Next Telecom has a leading SD-WAN offer that uses best of breed vendors for your specific needs. We supply, install and assure all the components of the solution so that your administrators have the control in managing traffic prioritisation.

Can I use this Enterprise Ethernet into my MPLS based IP-VPN?

This is the right time for you to reconsider your MPLS network. Next Telecom Enterprise Ethernet service is a 100% internet service that is ideally suited for SD-WAN deployments. Next Telecom has deliberately taken the path of SD-WAN as business-critical applications (like Salesforce, Xero, ServiceNow, Monday.com, MS Teams, Slack....) are all in the Cloud.

SD-WAN is phasing out MPLS networks across the globe as customers benefit from low cost/Mbps using high quality internet connections.

Is Enterprise Ethernet access suited for Voice?

The Next Telecom Enterprise Ethernet's symmetrical access makes it well suited for audio and video services. Through the use of this cost effective internet product, along with a Next Telecom SD-WAN service, you can get all the benefits of a QoS enabled MPLS network, without the hefty price tag that goes with it.

We can dimension your network to exceed peak number of simultaneous audio, video sessions to assure you of a good experience.

With Enterprise Ethernet can we get good cloud connectivity to the likes of AWS, Azure, MS Teams, Google Cloud, Alibaba and the others?

Yes. Our upstream transit links are well connected domestically and internationally. This assures high quality connectivity to all the cloud providers, and especially to their local zones.

Can Next Telecom provide Internet and Telephony services?

Absolutely Yes.

Next Telecom is recognised for our high-quality internet and telephony services. Next Telecom has been one of the earliest providers of MS Teams Direct Routing in Australia, which provides the benefits of MS Team’s collaboration and messaging tools along with local and international calling via Next Telecom.

Can Next Telecom connect and support all our offices that are distributed nationally?

Absolutely Yes.

Next Telecom is a national provider and Next Telecom Enterprise Ethernet is available nationally, across the NBN fixed line footprint.