What is Cloud Business Phone?

Cloud business phone or Hosted PBX is a software-based private branch exchange (PBX) that provides call distribution, routing, transfers, voicemail, and related services for a company. It is managed and hosted off site and your provider maintains the servers and software.

Can I get handsets with my Hosted PBX Cloud Business Phone Plan?

Yes you can have an included handset with your Cloud Business Phone Plan or can elect to rent or purchase the handset outright.

What's the difference between Cloud and Traditional PBX?

A traditional PBX is usually owned, maintained, managed and operated onsite by your own business. Cloud PBX is not located on-premises, and is a hosted service delivered by a service provider. This allows companies to outsource the management and maintenance of their voice communications needs, and reduces the need for internal experts.

Is Cloud Business Phone more expensive than an on-premises solution?

In general, businesses can achieve significant cost savings with hosted Cloud PBX vs. on-premises solutions. This is often because cloud providers offer lower start up costs, more affordable add-on features, better reliability guarantees, and the ability to scale your services on a per line basis without having to pay for equipment upgrades.

Can I use Cloud Business Phone if my Internet goes down?

Cloud business phone offers a number of reliability advantages. Mobile failover is another feature that is important to have in place. Upgrading your connection to a fibre-based service can also reduce your risks or having a data connection from multiple carriers can reduce the chance of an outage.

Is Cloud Business Phone secure?

Cloud business phone can offer significant security advantages when correctly implemented. Although there is no technology that will provide 100% protection from getting hacked; all kinds of phone systems - including telephones and PBX -are vulnerable to security flaws depending on the implementation.

Is Cloud Business Phone cheaper at the expense of quality?

Cost does not always equal quality in the telecommunications market, but a very low-cost provider could be delivering lower-quality service. Factors that influence the quality of a solution include your internet connection, quality optimisation, setup processes, uptime (reliability) guarantees, contention ratios and service provider industry experience.

Can Cloud Business Phone manage my call centre needs?

Regardless of how large your organisation's customer service team is and whether they are distributed at multiple sites, cloud business phone call centre features are one of the most affordable and seamless ways to support call centre communications.

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