4G Mobile Broadband with Fleet Plans or Data Banking

Next Telecoms great Value Mobile Broadband Plans give you the choice of shared data across SIM Cards on your account or you your can choose to bank unused data (up to 200Gb) for later use, and roll it over it to following months. Either of these options are perfect to cover peaks in-usage and avoid excess data fees, or if your using 4G failover on your network.

Fleet Mobile Broadband Plans - Share your combined data pool across up to 200 Mobiles on the one account. Avoid excess data charges by sharing your fleet data allowance amongst your team.

Banked Mobile Broadband Data Plans - Any unused data (up to 200Gb) on a single mobile services will roll over or get banked for use in the following months.

Coming soon! 5G data on Australia's biggest 5G Mobile Network.

4G Mobile Plans

Data Banking Plans

PlanPer MonthIncluded Domestic Calls SMS & MMSData* Included International Calls
Mobile XS Bank $25.00 Unlimited 3GB PAYG
Mobile S Bank $35.00 Unlimited 10GB PAYG
Mobile M Bank $45.00 Unlimited 20GB * Unlimited
Mobile L Bank $55.00 Unlimited 30GB * Unlimited
Mobile XL Bank $65.00 Unlimited 60GB * Unlimited
Mobile XXL Bank $85.00 Unlimited 100GB * Unlimited

Fleet Plans

PlanPer MonthIncluded Domestic Calls SMS & MMSData* Included International Calls
Mobile XS Fleet $25.00 Unlimited 3GB PAYG
Mobile S Fleet $35.00 Unlimited 10GB PAYG
Mobile M Fleet $45.00 Unlimited 20GB * Unlimited
Mobile L Fleet $55.00 Unlimited 40GB * Unlimited

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What is data banking?

Data Banking is where your unused data (up to a limit of 200Gb) is rolled over for use isn subsequent months.Where can I find mobile coverage information?

What is a Fleet Mobile Broadband plan?

Fleet Mobile broadband allows you to share the data allowance on your mobile services so that if anyone exceeds their data allowance, they start to share the full data allowance of the fleet.

How Can I check coverage?

Here's the link to our coverage maps

Can I check my mobile usage?

You can check your mobile usage in real time from the customer portal. It’s important to check this if you are concerned that you’ll exceed your included usage amount. We will send you an alert by SMS when you reach 50%, 85% and 100% of your monthly allowance.

When does the mobile data use reset?

All usage on mobile phones resets on the 28th of the month.

I don’t know how much data I will use, what should I do?

Monitor your current daily data use, and check your previous bills to get an idea of your average usage. Here’s some examples of what 1Gb of computer data looks like:

  • download around 500 music tracks
  • download around 500 photos
  • watch one standard definition movie
  • stream half an hour of standard Netflix

Downloading high definition video can quickly add up so it's important to understand how much data a file or video may use.

Mobile Roaming

If you are planning to head overseas, you can add one of our travel packs to ensure you keep up to date with your email and essential communications. Contact us to get a roaming travel pack activated.

4G SIM Plan Features

Mobile Broadband Features

  • Mobile voice international roaming bolt on
  • Voicemail
  • Message2Text
  • Domestic mobile data bolt ons
  • One off, auto and recurring 1GB-5GB
  • Usage notifications
  • Balance check